Thursday, 22 October 2015

The Tiffany & Co. Collection

Hands up, Posh Girls... who loves Tiffany & Co.? I don't think I have ever met a girl that doesn't swoon over one of those little blue box...

Anyway, so I don't want to talk too much in this blog post, but instead get to the good stuff and show you the new prints we are offering!! We began at PGP HQ selecting our favourite Holly Golightly quotes, of course from "Breakfast At Tiffany's". We currently have three prints - be sure to click on the photographs to be taken to the product page, for even more info!

"A girl doesn't read that sort of thing... with... without her lipstick."

"What I've found does the most good is just to get into a taxi and go to Tiffany's."

"But at least it came from Tiffany's."

Don't forget to click on those photographs, Posh Girls!!

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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Posh Girl Prints Giveaway!

Hey guys!!

Our little print company just reached its first milestone: 100 followers on Instagram! We are offering an exciting giveaway, to celebrate of course! This is currently taking place over on our Instagram, so head over there to get your entries in! Keep reading for more info on the PRIZE and how to ENTER! P.s. All of the following info has been taken from our Instagram account!

P.s. Totally ignore the "Enter Below" bit of this pic, this is an Instagram giveaway!!

🚨 GIVEAWAY ALERT!! 🚨 LISTEN UP, Posh Girls!! Today we reached 100 followers here on #Instagram!! πŸŽ‰ YAYYYYY!! πŸŽ‰ As a huge thank you to each of you for your continued support, we are hosting an exciting giveaway!! πŸŽ‰ One winner will receive a print or product of their choosing from our current range available on our #BigCartel site!!

Here's all you need to do to enter, Posh Girls:
1. Make sure you are following us @poshgirlprints 
2. Like this picture
3. Leave a comment on this picture, and tag 1 friend!! Only 1 Posh Girl tagged per comment please!!

T&C's (The boring bit, we know!! But please read before entering!!)
This giveaway will run from today, Friday 2nd October, 9pm (UK) until 9pm, Friday 9th October. This giveaway is international, and we will ship the prize to you free of charge. One entry per person. Multiple comments does not give you multiple entires. The winner will receive one print or product from our Big Cartel site!!

Ok Posh Girls, so our lucky winner will be randomly selected a week from today!! Be sure to tell all of your Poshest Girlies so they can get their entires in too!! πŸ™‹πŸΌ Good luck, Posh Girls!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Posh Girl Prints! The Big Reveal!

A super exciting announcement today! After a long summer of planning and research, I am beyond excited to introduce to you all: Posh Girl Prints! This is a start-up print and stationery business; offering gorgeously girly wall art prints and occasion postcards! I've taken this little snippet from our website, so you guys are able to understand the intentions of our business and a learn a little more about myself and my business partner:

"Champagne clinking, glitter sprinkling. Welcome to Posh Girl Prints, designed from the comfort of silky pyjamas, snuggle blankets and a glass of rosΓ©.
What We Do?
Currently specialising in A4 wall prints. Soon to be expanding into the charming world of occasion postcards and luxury stationary. 
Who We Are?
Best Friends for over 13 years. (Nearly) Graduates of Fashion Marketing and Graphic Design degrees. Proud stationary hoarders. Pink Champagne connoisseurs. With our charismatic prints, we aspire to invite our customers into our crazy, pink, confetti filled world."
Ok so now you know a little about us and the business at hand, it's onto the fun stuff! Of course as our business baby is only a couple of weeks old, we are currently offering a select range of products. From a business point of view, this is also for further research; as this allows us to see what our customers are most interested in! Currently we are selling six A4 sized prints, all printed onto luxury 300gsm. These are sold without the frames shown in the pictures below. Also, purchases made via our Big Cartel site include FREE Standard UK Delivery! 

Anyway, on to the products...

"Occasion Postcards" (Set of 4 designs)

We've received so much great support so far, and I'd love for you guys to check us out! Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated, as we are still learning through this venture. Again, thank you all for your continuing support.

Be sure to check us out!! Here's what you need..

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Friday, 22 May 2015

Book Look: Kate Spade, Places To Go, People To See

So, in order to celebrate my new found interest in pretty, collectible books, I wanted to create a small series dedicated to the books I have recently accumulated. Where else could we begin other than celebrating Kate Spade?! Not only am I a sucker for their gorgeous, colourful handbags and jewellery; but from a design point of view, their use of typography and their entire brand image is in a word. PERFECTION. I'm often scrolling through Pinterest, searching "Kate Spade" or "Kate Spade Typography", and finding some beautiful, inspirational designs. Often, when creating layouts and spreads for certain design projects, I pull out this book and look at how well styled and designed the pages are. This is hugely inspirational for me, and something I've found really helps me if I'm ever stuck in a design rut! 

Anyway, going slightly off topic - again! I'm not going to write an entire synopsis of this book! But, just a little summary: A collection of images taken from "glamorous cities around the world, through the lens of the always-stylish Kate Spade girl." This book celebrates some of the most beautiful, chic destinations. I've included some photographs of a few of the inside pages from this book, so you can get a feel for what it offers.

You can purchase it here :)


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Weekend In Photos: London

After spending a gorgeously sunny weekend in London, celebrating my boyfriend's milestone 21st birthday, I wanted to share a collection of photographs with you guys! I took my DSLR to capture some of London's most famous landmarks, and by landmarks I mean stores! I'm lucky enough to have visited London countless times and have on many occasions, visited the typical attractions. On this particular visit, I wanted to ensure I photographed some of London's most iconic buildings, for those of you who may never have visited this great city! If you have visited before, I'd love to hear about your favourite experiences :) Enjoy :) 

p.s. Be sure to follow me on Instagram! I'm still a newbie, but I'm loving it! 
The link is below :)

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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Fudge Design Co.

Initially for this design based blog, I intended to share my thoughts and advice on studying Graphic Design at University, as well as my current design projects and competitions! After posting for a few months now, and with uni almost up for the year, I figured this would be the perfect time to start reflecting on my favourite projects from my second year of study! 

The following is a branding project: the brief was to create a brand for ourselves as a Freelance Graphic Designer. Of course, the first important consideration is the name of the company or brand. Fudge Design Co. is the brand I created in order to market myself and my design services. Although this may seem a random and irrelevant name choice (which honestly, it was to begin with), I knew I wanted my brand to resemble that of sticky, brightly coloured candy. I wanted my branding to represent fun, colour and enjoyment; much like the branding of Kate Spade or Benefit Cosmetics. These traits are made evident in my typeface and colour choice in my logo (below), as well as throughout the entire branding package.

Fudge Design Co. Logo
The Sweet Bag That Inspired My Designs
My Branding Package At A Glance
Business Cards and Branded Stickers
Branded Fudge Design Co. Mini Golf Style Pencils
Fold Down CV
Spread Exploring Typeface Choices And Business Card Design
Fudge Design Co. Branding Package
Breakfast At Tiffany's Spread (Blog Post To Come!)

I just had to include this photo! I took this for my new Instagram account (finally!) The photo includes the branded neon pink pencils, my business card, as well as my branded stickers. On reflection, I'm very happy with the somewhat unusual name choice for my Freelance brand. The branding of Fudge Design Co. represents myself in many aspects, most obviously the reference to sweets and candy stores, the colour scheme and the use of stripes and pattern.

I hope you enjoyed my first post on my Graphic Design work! Be sure to leave a comment below, I'd love to hear your feedback :)

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

What's In My Uni Bag?

A peak inside my bag I use everyday for University! I purchased this back in Autumn 2013, just into my first year of University. At the time, I believe I made this purchase for £59.99. Although this exact bag isn't still available, every year Zara seem to update their City Bag, so this one is worth checking out. If you're after this exact bag, check out eBay! It's definitely my most practical bag purchase ever! The quality is brilliant, and considering I use it 5 days a week, and have done since late 2013, there is no damage to the bag and it's still in great condition! Anyway enough rambling, here are my Uni bag essentials!

The Bag Itself, Zara City Bag

The great thing about this bag is the size. Overall there are 3 main sections to this bag: 2 large zip sections on either side (shown below), with a smaller zip section surrounded by a large open section in the centre of the bag (shown above). There are several card slots and phone sized pockets in the middle open section of the bag too; perfect to be able to grab those necessities easily.

The 2 large sections are the perfect size to store a laptop. My 13" MacBook Pro fits perfectly, even in it's zip case (just for added protection). One of these large zip sections has a smaller pocket, which is perfect to fit notebooks or diaries, just to keep them separate and easy to reach for (shown above). This is also a great section to keep chargers or headphones, to prevent them getting tangled or wrapped around everything!

The Laptop Case, Pink Incase Sleeve
It's fair say I'm super clumsy! When I made my MacBook purchase a few years back, I invested in an SmartShell snap case to add durability to my laptop, and also protect it against scratches and dirt. I also purchased an Incase bright pink zip sleeve, again for added protection; and of course to make my laptop feel more my own... and what's more my style than bright, neon pink!

The Entertainment Essentials 
Long and exhausting days as a student are inevitable, but there are definitely ways to work around those long days, and make them slightly more bearable! Of course I have my laptop for entertainment (mostly online shopping and YouTube), but 95% of the time I'm having to use my laptop for work, so it's difficult to use it for anything else! That's where the iPad comes in! What a brilliant purchase! I'm the kind of student that is easily distracted, so taking in my iPad and setting up a series on Netflix ensures that i remain focused on my work, and keeps the distractions at bay. Currently Community is a fave, and OF COURSE Pretty Little Liars!
Headphones are another essential! I like to take my over Bose ear headphones, for those times when I need to get cracking and really focus! I also take a small pair of in ear headphones. Sometimes I don't like to be so anti-social! Also, these tend to hurt my ears after a while, so it's nice to be able to change it up.

The Life Essentials
All of these goodies are kept in the central compartment of my Uni bag! These items are the more obvious essentials, that you need in every bag you carry! I've included the links to where you can find (nearly) everything below!
Kate Spade Cobble Hill Stacy Wallet
DASH Compact Mirror (purchased in store)
Ray Ban Aviators
Vaseline Lip Therapy Stick
Burt's Bees Lip Balm, Pink Grapefruit
The Body Shop Hand Cream, Wild Argan Oil

The Student Essentials
So as I've mentioned previously, I'm a huge list-maker and notebook fan! I take several with me, as I'm always jotting down ideas and reminders. I also have a small A5 sketchbook with me at all times; as my course is creative, you never know when you'll need to make a quick note or sketch of an idea or design. Again, below are all of the links you'll need!
Pink Pencil Case

If you enjoyed this post, check out my Staying Organised At University Post!